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Sink and Faucet Repair

Sinks and faucets in your home are under constant use. Any problem with a sink or faucet can disrupt your routine and potentially cause water damage to your home which may be costly to repair. It is prudent to call a professional plumbing service at the first indication you may have a problem to avoid further damage to your home. If the problem is of serious nature, it can lead to water damage and flooding which in turn can lead to toxic mold growth.

Signs of Faucet and Sink Problems

Sinks and faucets are under constant use in most homes. A problem with a sink or faucet can disrupt your routine and cause water damage to your home. It is important to call for professional repair service at the first sign of a problem to avoid further water damage or mold growth, which often happens after a leak.

Look out for these signs of brewing plumbing problems:

  • Sounds of water running when nothing is turned on
  • Water bills are increasing with no apparent reason
  • Water pressure is low or inconsistent
  • Water is backing up in the sink
  • A cracked porcelain sink

At Optimum Plumbing we have a team of highly qualified, professional plumbers with the expertise needed to diagnose the problem and recommend repair or replacement of the problem fixture. Even if your fixtures are in good condition, you may want them replaced to remodel the space or make them more efficient. We offer high-quality replacement parts and fixtures to solve any problem and meet every need.

High Quality Sink and Faucet Repair 

Our well-trained and skilled plumbers have the expertise needed to handle any sink or faucet repair in Orange County and surrounding areas. Whether your sink is clogged, faucet is dripping, or you need a fixture replaced, we are your go-to service. Our plumbers will start with an inspection to uncover the source of the

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