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Toilet repair and replacement

As mundate as the lowly toilet is, no house is fully functional if the commode is not working. If you are experiencing any issues with the toilet(s) in your bathrooms, it is time to take action.  

Toilets are one of the highest-use components of your home’s plumbing. Fortunately, there aren’t too many parts, and repairing or replacing a toilet is not particularly technically difficult. Nonetheless, the nature of the job and the possible fallout if not done properly definitely calls for the services of a professional plumbing service. 

We have you covered! Toilet repair and replacement is one of the most common service calls so we are experts at getting it done fast, and getting it done right.



5 signs that your toilet needs to be repaired/replaced

  1. Constant clogging – random or recurring clogs may indicate a more serious problem. If your bathroom still has an old, low flush toilet, you may be experiencing stoppages more often than you care to see. If it happens more than once a week, or the clogs seem random and odd, you should consider replacing your toilet.

  2. Toilet Wobbles – this can be caused by a number of issues but it is almost certain that the toilet is broken or leaking. Leaks may have led to water damage which could be causing the subflooring to give under pressure. Act now before the matter gets worse.

  3. Visible cracks – There aren’t many parts on a toilet where a crack is just a “cosmetic nuisance”. Every component has a pivotal function, Aside from the toilet seat and the tank cover, most cracks anywhere else will call for replacement of the fixture.

  4. Age – If that toilet has been around for 20+ years, there could be benefits to replacing it. Over time, mineral deposits can build up on the lines and can cause the water to flow very slowly or stop altogether in extreme cases. You may also want to install a more modern design, water-efficient unit. 

  5. Ongoing repairs – If you have been DIYing it and just can’t take it anymore, let the pros handle it. We will remove the existing fixture, haul it away and replace it with a shiny new unit of your choice!


Optimum Plumbing Services is here to handle all your toilet repair and replacement needs, fast and effectively. Give us a call today!

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