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Slab Leak Detection

Detection and repair of slab leaks

Slab leaks are one of those plumbing problems that are difficult to identify at early stages, and complicated to pinpoint once you suspect you have a leak.

Due to the nature of the leaks, you may have them for weeks, or months before you start noticing signs that you need a professional to evaluate the potential need for slab leak detection and repair.

Keep an eye out fot these signs of slab leaks in your home.

Signs you have a slab leak

  • Warm spots on your floors
    This is easy to spot, if you feel a warm spot on your floor, the hot water line may have broken.

  • Sudden spikes in your water bill
    If water usage increases without any explanation, don’t delay in investigating the possibility of a hidden water leak.

  • Wet or moist carpets
    This is an easy way to figure out you definitely have a leak under your carpet.

  • Musty smells, visible mold or mildew
    These signs are clear indication that there is moisture where there shouldn’t be.

  • Drop in water pressure
    When a pipe breaks and starts to leak, the pressure will naturally drop throughout your system.

Water leaks should be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Water intrusion or flooding in your home can cause water damage which can lead to a variety of serious consequences including growth of black mold, water damage to the rest of the house, undermining your foundation and more.

Optimum Plumbing has the latest equipment along with the training to detect leaks while keeping invasive discovery to the minimum. Give us a call today if you notice anthing that could be as a result of a slab leak.

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